Who are we?

We are two artivists who love to create projects which could create awareness around animal rights and sustainability.

Guille, a web designer and developer who spends some of his free time either taking part or organising activist actions or volunteering his time and skills to help other individuals and organisations with same values.

Juan, an artist working in multiple areas from digital illustration to mural painting, who also spends plenty of his time either doing activism on the streets or creating any kind of art to promote animal rights or as a way to fundraise for animal santuaries.

Why we did this?

There is many ways to get a message through, and there are many channels you can use to tunnel that message. This we believe is a fun and interactive way which we believe you would like. If you are already knowledgeble on how harmful is animal explotation in so many ways you may want to share this page and help other find that knowledge, otherwise, you may find very interesting to check out our guide on how to reduce the harm to animals and the planet.