Let's cut the crap

How to stop giving excuses in 3 steps

Illustration man eating grass
1. Reality

I wanna learn the reality

There is so much hiden behind all those animal explotation industries and it is very important as members of this society and as consumers to know which are the impact of our actions and where anything we purchase and consume is coming from.
Here there are few documentaries that would help to know the full extent of the animal explotation.

Documentary available on Netflix
Watch trailer (Documentary available on Netflix)

2. Connection

Time to make the connection

I you have watched the documentaries above, or you have skiped them because you already know what happens behind those walls, you know that there are so many reasons to stop contributing with those practicies. But it is needed a connection with those who are currently victimized to take meaninful and lasting action.
Here there are few other resources that would help you understand better

The Food Matrix - 101 Reasons to Go Vegan

You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again - Earhling Ed

The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky

Green Acres Farm Sanctuary Documentary

Animal Rights: A short documentary (No graphic content)

Called to Rescue - Feature Length Documentary

3. Change

How do I approach the change?

Change is never easy, we depend so much on our culture, traditions, society, industries. For this reason if important to get all the resources possible to take informed actions.

I need some help

Here there are couple of sites where you will find lots of information and help to get started

But what would I eat?

Just by googleling the recipe you wanna prepare and the word vegan should be enough to learn how to substitute any animal product for a vegetable version, but check out some recipe resources

What the health

What about protein

Documental What about protein